Kansas judiciary v Kansas government: insane

 Got this from the Brennan Center. It boggles the mind. I’ve bolded the especially boggly parts so you can understand that the government of Kansas is attempting to withhold money from its own judiciary because… “If you don’t follow this brand spanking new utterly specious law we just invented–the one that ‘corrects’ your judgment that we’ve underfunded the school system–we won’t give you adequate funding! Nyah nyah nyah!”

Has Kansas’s entire government retrogressed to being 12 years old? Or senility? Take your pick.


Kansas Judicial Funding Comes with Caveats

The long-running dispute between the Kansas judiciary and legislature continued last week as the state Senate introduced a bill that would give the courts additional funding, provided they do not rule in certain ways, according to Bill Raftery of Gavel to GavelThe judiciary and lawmakers have been in conflict since the court ruled in 2014 that the state’s funding of its schools was unconstitutionally low. After that ruling, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) signed into law a bill (HB 2338) that strips the state supreme court of some of its administrative powers. The Brennan Center, along with Irigonegaray &Associates and Kaye Scholer LLP, is representing Judge Larry Solomon in a lawsuit challenging that law. Under the recently introduced bill (HB 2005), “the judiciary will get funding for the upcoming year provided it does not rule in favor of the pending lawsuit and find that HB 2338 of 2014 is unconstitutional.”

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