Katherine’s back! (It’s animal AND political news)

Just when you thought it was safe to stop reading about sharks and how close they’re getting to us, here’s Katherine! Again.

You may recall that Katherine has a Twitter account. Meaning, she’s a hipster on social media, as well as up on politics. So…

After the shark resurfaced at an ugly time for American democracy, her Twitter account began tweeting again.

“Miss me?” Katharine asked her 62,000 followers, adding, in reference to the coronavirus pandemic: “So everyone knows YES I was wearing a mask when I came up.”

In response to a user who suggested she had resurfaced in time for the presidential election, she wrote: “I mean. I was chasing a fish, but I’ll roll with it.”

On Friday, with the election result stuck in a midnight zone of vote counting and partisan warfare, she added: “Safe to come up again? Ya’ll are having a crazy week up there.”

As always, thank you, Ellen, for this news.


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