Katz’s Deli and Judge Judy, on the same page (suing together)

No, they’re not suing each other or together as plaintiffs. But they’re on the same hard copy page 12 of today’s Daily News and both are suing for using their names and images without permission. I.e., preying on The Brand:

Katz’s: Katz and Dogz fight: Katz’s Deli sues food cart Katz & Dogz for ripping off its name, noshes   – NY Daily News. (Here’s the first sentence which I give you because hey it’s the Daily News and hey I always love their puns: “Katz’s Delicatessen has a corned beef with food truck company Katz & Dogz.”)

Judge Judy’s: Judge Judy sues Connecticut lawyer for using her in his ads without permission  – NY Daily News.

This, I have just learned, is called “trademark infringement.” OK, then.


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