Keeping the real estate news in the family…

The Trump family, of course.

Jared Kushner. Slum lord. Harassing landlord. Generally rotten individual.

Speaking of the harassment, do I recall his father-in-law did something similar to the tenants in a Central Park South building? Yes! I do recall. And thanks to Google, I can report in on this. (Trump lost the battle with his tenants. Jared’s tenants should keep up the struggle toward a similar win.)

Thanks to 538 Significant Digits for this new info:

$155 million

Over the past three years, the family firm of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, sold apartments in one building in Brooklyn for a total of $155 million. These apartments had been rent stabilized, but nearly 75 percent of the building was sold or emptied in an effort to turn it into luxury condos. This was accomplished, current and former residents told the Associated Press, through a relentless campaign of construction and rent hikes meant to drive out residents. The construction drowned out conversation, rattled pictures off walls, and gave an invitation for rats to enter through holes in walls, according to a lawsuit filed by tenants. They also allege carcinogenic dust flowed into apartments and coated beds and clothes. [AP]

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