Keeping up with Elon Musk and his spectacular fuck-ups

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

“It’s not a failure … it’s a learning experience,” said a former NASA official after SpaceX’s most recent rocket exploded four minutes after its launch.

I’m finding this explanation interesting, for a few reasons. It is exemplary of the type of intensive training that can transform a scientist once devoted to experimental science supported by our government into a corporate billionaire’s automaton.

(Just occurred to me, this was what Trump tried to do with the CDC and Anthony Fauci.)

And the ex-NASA automaton failed to rationalize the fascinating “learning experience” for the residents of Port Isabel, Texas whose property for miles around was covered by dust and muck kicked up by the explosion.

Who’s paying for the clean-up, Elon?

A new thought. Maybe Port Isabel could be become our very own Pompeii, delicately excavated by archeologists to reveal to the world the wonders of small town Texas life in the 21st century.

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