Keeping up with the goats

Oh no. There have been some layoffs.

The goats have munched so successfully in Riverside Park, several of them have been dismissed. Cheech, Chong, et al., are going home to Rhinebeck.

After all, they were individual contractors, not employees and I don’t believe they are unionized, although maybe Cheech and Chong will start working on this when back on the farm.

Right now, though, I bet you’d like to hear the precise technique for culling six goats from a crowd:

“We stood at the top of the hill and the goat farmers did their little goat call and they came running and it was whoever we could catch,” Donna Capossela of the Riverside Park Conservancy said, describing how they chose who would get the ax.

Brothers Max and Ben were fired on Friday, along with Cheech, Chong, Reese and Charlie. Fortunately, the goats have a good unemployment plan — they will live happily at their home in Rhinebeck.

P.S. I’ve categorized this as The War On Workers.

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