Koch Bros Final Solution to Democracy: no health care

Just in case you thought the “libertarian” Koch Bros weren’t deeply involved in, i.e., controlling, the GOP “health care” plan…

Source: Koch Group Says Republican Health Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Ah, those Koch Boys and their Final Solution to Democracy.

By the way, they’re currently conducting their annual Neu Wannsee Conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado. I’m guessing some investigative reporter will infiltrate and scoop up the dog poop from this secretive meeting. And here’s an excerpt from the local paper’s coverage:

Led by the organization’s political arm, Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs declared the state legislative sessions in 2017 as the network’s most successful ever. In Colorado, conservatives highlighted victories in equalizing state spending on charter schools and defeating a major tax hike to improve the state’s crumbling roads.

“We are seeing a once-in-a generation renaissance of freedom and prosperity policies being enacted at the state level, said Tim Phillips, one of the top Koch network strategists, in an interview. “The untold story is the dramatic policy advancements that are actually helping people at the state level.”

Note: look what they’re bragging about: “defeating a major tax hike to improve the state’s crumbling roads.” This is what they are. Gag.

My big question: since we know that what dark money does–buys politicians–and we know more or less how it does it–inundates voters with TV ads for or against those politicians…

And given Citizens United isn’t going to be overturned any time soon…

How do good politicians reach these voters? Is there a psychological method for immunizing TV watchers from being brainwashed?

I don’t know. I’m desperate for an answer.



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