Koch Bros secret Neu Wansee conference: the final solution to democracy

Apparently The Nation sent a spy to this recent conference and said spy secretly made a recording.

The Mitch McDonnell statements are the ones everybody is picking up on − here’s the Times, In Audio From a Koch Event, McConnell Envisions Undoing Obama Initiatives – NYTimes.com. And here’s DailyKos: Seven Disturbing Quotes From the Koch Summit Recordings.

As stunning and angering as the McDonnell wish-list is, it’s most important to see that here we have a clear, even animated, portrait of very rich and powerful people buying a politician. This is a politician who supposedly represents his constituency, i.e., Kentucky voters, none of whom is a Koch.

And as a well-bought and expensive politician, McDonnell delivers the rhetoric his owners want to hear.

It’s appalling.

Here’s my post describing why I call these secret conferences “Neu Wannsee.”


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