“Koch Power Raised Gasoline Prices By 40 Cents A Gallon Overnight”

I guess I’m going to be on top of the Kochs — not literally — until I can be assured that their Final Solution to Democracy via their Neu Wannsee Conference has shot its ($billion dollar) wad into its own foot. (I don’t think that can even be called a mixed metaphor; it’s probably just a mixed mess, but still, you get my point — as well as theirs.)

So here’s the ugly Koch news, via DailyKos: Koch Power Raised Gasoline Prices By 40 Cents A Gallon Overnight. It begins:

Koch Power is not the name of a company.  It is the oligopolistic power wielded by the Koch brothers over the Minnesota retail gasoline market. On May 16, 2013, they exercised that power to raise the price of retail gasoline by 40 cents a gallon overnight. But that story, like all stories involving the Kochs, does not end there.

Read the story to find out where it does end.

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