Ladies, are you looking for a lawyer? Um…

I’m quite perturbed about this item I saw in the New York Law Journal. Ladies, you might find it perturbing, too:

Lawyer Guilty of ‘Touching’ Can Reapply for License

Andrew Denney, New York Law Journal   

An attorney who was suspended from practicing law after being convicted of groping random women on the Upper East Side and in lower Manhattan may now apply for reinstatement to the bar.A panel of the Appellate Division, Second Department, ruled Wednesday in Matter of Kraft, 2013-10852, to suspend Paul David Kraft, 33, from practicing law for one year but gave him credit for time served.

Paul David Kraft (temporarily suspended but maybe soon reinstated), Esq. Hmm. I guess I’ve read too many decisions, so I am impelled to think the Appellate Division, Second Department (that’s the NYS Supreme Court appeals court in Brooklyn) must have some kind of good reason for doing this.

On the other hand, I have to think: what the hell? This guy gets credit for time served (for groping “random women”–whatever that means) and may apply to be reinstated as a lawyer?

Does he have to have a scarlet letter G (for groper) embroidered onto his lawyer suits?

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