“Landlords used hidden cameras to watch woman: lawsuit”

Years ago, I once did a bit of work on a similar case.

A young woman had rented living space in an apartment as a roommate to the man who held the lease. The man had placed a radio in her bathroom as a sort of “amenity.” She became suspicious of the odd position of the radio and after a bit of exploring found that the radio held a concealed camera. The guy was videotaping her. She sued.

He came into the office to hand over a settlement check and to sign various agreements that would put him in a very bad situation if he were to do this again. To someone else: she moved out, of course.

He looked like a reasonably pleasant youngish man but carried a slightly greasy aura of ick, shame and some sort of pathology.

Creepy people, who do things like this.

The hard copy Daily News headline to today’s story is “SCUMLORDS.”  No kidding:

A young woman has slapped her former landlords with a lawsuit charging they are super creeps who set her up in a rent-free Upper West Side apartment only to secretly videotape her most intimate moments.

Ukrainian immigrant Aksana Kuzmitskaya, who was identified in court papers, claims Michel Kadoe and Eli Kadoch offered her a job as maid of their brownstone building at 7 W. 82nd St.

The job, which she accepted in August 2013, came with a rent-free apartment. But what she didn’t know at the time is that the pad had been fitted with spy cameras in her bedroom and bathroom.

The suit claims that over the course of months the hidden cameras sent live feeds to the landlords’ laptop of her naked, having sex, showering and even on the toilet.

One of the disgusting duo has been indicted on a “felony charge of unlawful surveillance.”

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