Laugh lawsuit of the week: broken tooth v NOLA hotels

Speaking of class action lawsuit, here’s this delicious one — Price Gouging Blamed for Broken Tooth – Lowering the Bar. :


USDC Eastern District of Louisiana

New Orleans

Charles Edward Lincoln III and all others similarly situated
Bobby Danner, Mayor; Olivier House Hotel; 534 Dauphine Street LLC; 531-533 Dauphine Street LLC; 828 Toulouse Street LLC; 836 Toulouse Street LLC; James D. Danner; Kathryn M. Danner; Does
2/21/2014 2:14 cv 393 Milazzo

Class action for price gouging. Defendants fraudulently over-charged for hotel rooms during Mardi Gras and the Superbowl [sic], in violation of federal regulation, which states that [the cost of] hotel rooms cannot fluctuate more than 30 percent during special events. Defendants’ actions caused plaintiff emotional hardship, anxiety and depression and led to a broken tooth.

Mr. Lincoln III coulda shoulda stayed home and watched it on TV. Until the fourth quarter (or the first play).

Second comment: if this guy is a Broncos fan, I think this case will be summarily dismissed. That’ll free him up to sue the Broncos. Or am I going all litigiastically gothic here?


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