“Law and order” in some of the United States

This is the first time, when reading Harper’s Weekly Review, when I’ve found a long run of factual events relating to the same theme. What’s the theme? Legally killing innocent people.

Here’s the run:

In Marshall, Arkansas, the chief of police resigned after posting on a right-wing messaging site that Democrats should be attacked and executed. Florida governor Ron DeSantis drafted legislation that would allow armed citizens to shoot and kill anyone they suspect of looting. Two state representatives in Ohio moved to increase penalties and create new categories for vandalism, wherein damage to government property or gravestones would carry a $15,000 fine and up to eight years in prison; the proposed legislation would also make blocking traffic during an unpermitted protest a third-degree felony and carry a maximum punishment of $10,000 and three years in prison and allow “a person who reasonably believes that the person is in danger of imminent bodily harm … [to be] justified in using or threatening to use reasonable force, including deadly force, to escape the aggravated riot or riot.” “Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are important cornerstones of our democracy,” said one of the sponsors.

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