Lawsuit against Brett Favre: more deposition news

The Daily News headline is: “Favre bid is sacked in sex suit.” Which I report to you because, as you all know, I just love the Daily News puns. (And I remember well one sack of Brett Favre, by Michael Strahan, but I have to control myself because this is about lawsuits, not football).


Brett Favre has lost his attempt to score some overtime with the massage therapist suing him for sexual harassment. [More pun emphasis.]

Lawyers for the ex-quarterback and his former employer, the Jets, were in Manhattan Supreme Court Monday, where they failed to get more time to grill Christina Scavo under oath.

Lawyers for Favre and the Jets recently deposed Scavo for three days about her claims, but they complained she’d dodged some of their questions, including about whether she’d ever been sued, and whether she told one of her clients about the alleged sexts.

Scavo’s attorney, Elizabeth Eilender, said the lawyers were trying to “intimidate and harass” her client by deposing her again.

Now, from my point of view—and in direct contrast to yesterday’s post about Lady Gaga’s behavior in deposition—Scavo was behaving precisely as her lawyer told her to. And doesn’t every lawyer kvetch about how a plaintiff (or defendant, for that matter) answers deposition questions?

Of course. So Favre’s lawyers are doing a little theatrical performance here.

And so is Eilender: every deponent is the subject of attempts to “intimidate and harass.” And every lawyer, responding to the opposing lawyer’s demand to continue depositions, will make this claim in court.

Here’s the whole piece (although I wrote out most of it, above): Brett Favre’s attorneys drop pass at Jets masseuse suing former quarterback for sexual harassment – NY Daily News.

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