Lawsuit news: tenants used as “bait”?

I’ve been moving away from lawsuit news, but this item–in West Side Rag–certainly claimed my attention.

I give it to you as written. Make of it what you will. (If you have imagination, “what you will” could be a mighty thing.)

Three residents are suing Stellar Management because of a particularly bizarre situation in their building at 50 West 97th Street. “A trio of Upper West Side residents are out of patience with a doctor [Lisa Aptaker] they claim has been stalking and tormenting them thanks to their landlord’s attempts at evicting the physician, according to a lawsuit filed Friday against the landlord… The women are seeking $221,400 in damages from Stellar for using them as ‘human bait’ to build a case against Aptaker and evict her and her mother.” Aptaker says the harassment charges are false and motivated by financial gain.

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