Lawsuit news that woke me up

Although I’m certainly not clinical when I post info about new lawsuits, I do try to be fairly rational and unemotional. But this news, in yesterday’s Daily News, West Village residents’ lawsuit takes aim at $1.2 billion natural gas pipeline project – NY Daily News brought me to a (admittedly) knee-jerk reaction.

The headline reads, “Fiery Fears: W.Side gas pipeline a ‘flamethrower’ – suit,” and then I glanced through it and saw this: “The opponents also said the trust can’t grant an easement near Jane St….” and I sat up and yelled “Jane Street! They’re going to run a new gas pipeline under Jane Street? Oh, no  — not in my back yard.”

The pipeline would carry gas resulting from fracking upstate in the Marcellus Shale. I did say my reaction was knee-jerk, right? Well, maybe not.

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