Lawsuit of the filthy rich: Oh boo-hoo! Rich guy sues over Hamptons vacation rental

This little tale of a miserable (estate) vacation rental (not even on the beach!) in the Hamptons is made more delightful because the rich guy suing is, in the words of the Daily News, “Trump’s right-hand man.” Here’s the link and do take a look at the photo of the dump Mr. Cohen rented for his extended family: Trump’s right-hand man sues over ‘nightmare’ vacation rental with toddler-sized beds – NY Daily News.

Once again and forever, aren’t you glad you’re not rich? The miserable treatment you get from landlords! The indignities! The general awfulness of being forced to sue a landlord not because he’s taking you to Housing Court to try to evict you from your rent-stabilized apartment but because he’s rented you a slum swelling for a huge heap of money!

It makes me want to cry.

UPDATE 8/20/2014 at 3:41 p.m. I swear I hadn’t seen this short piece from the Daily News until now, but since I have … didn’t I say something about this above? Chinatown landlord under investigation on charges of ‘abusive behavior’ to force tenants out of rent-controlled apartments – NY Daily News.

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