Lawsuit of yesterday: wrongful termination of babysitter

From yesterday’s Daily News and Barbara Ross, this interesting story about a very rich guy who left his wife for a yoga instructor (who had his kid before he left his wife?), and a babysitter who got violently ill. And is suing. The rich guy and his yoga wife. And, as ever, a brilliantly punny Daily News headline:

Gutless sacking spurs suit

A former baby-sitter’s stomach distress is now her multimillionaire former employer’s headache.

Former sitter Donna Dillon, 49, is suing Henry Silverman, who made headlines earlier this year when he dumped his wife to marry a yoga instructor.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Dillon says Silverman and and his wife, Karen, fired her from her $40-an-hour job after she struggled to recover from gastroenteritis she claims was caused by food prepared by the Silvermans’ chef.

Dillon says doctors diagnosed gastroenteritis on March 7 after she ate a fish lunch in the Silverman townhouse on W.76th St., where she cared for the couple’s 2-year-old son.

She returned to work March 19 and got so sick that the Silvermans called an ambulance and she was hospitalized.

On March 23, according to court papers, the family’s bodyguard sent Dillon a text firing her because “the Silverman family doesn’t need you anymore.”

Last night, Marcia Horowitz, a spokeswoman for the Silvermans, said the couple has “acted fairly and appropriately at all times. There is absolutely no merit to her complaint.”

Silverman, 72, married the former Karen Hager, 41, earlier this year after divorcing his wife of 30 years, Nancy.

Several questions. First, aren’t rich guys smart enough to understand how not to fire people? Second, am I making a reference to Mitt Romney? Third, do you think the Silvermans will be voting for Romney?

Gee, I think the worst of this story is having a bodyguard — does Silverman hire his bodyguards for executive literacy? — text a termination to a baby sitter. Tacky, mean and dumb. Boo hiss.

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