Lawsuit over fake Hermes bag NOT bought off Canal Street

A New York gynecologist − not mine − has filed a lawsuit against a Hamptons boutique because the “used” Hermés bag she bought there isn’t a “used” Hermés bag at all. It isn’t even a Hermés bag!

Such a big deal.

And I have a lot to say about it. First, if the MD wanted to advertise to potential patients, this is not a good way to do it. A big picture of her with the HUGE CAPTION “IT’S A FAKE!” right on top of her? Nah.

Second. Are you kidding me? What kind of woman needs to buy a used or real Hermés bag for $3,40o (the “used” price) or $20,000 (the “real” price)? What does this say about Tara Allmen MD?

And third. Doesn’t she know that the only way to buy an “Hermés” is to buy one on or around Canal Street and get a 500% discount AND have the adventure of participating in a criminal counterfeiting conspiracy, and maybe getting swept up in a raid and then she’d have the aesthetic experience of spending time in one of the architecturally notable New York City federal courthouses?

Well. I’m settling down now.

I like the last paragraph in the Daily News article: “Allmen is demanding a full refund on her bag plus $50,000 in punitive damages.”

You go, girl! But why?

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