Lawsuit over pornography isn’t what you think

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

Forty-three-year-old David Werking successfully sued his parents, who, after housing him for 10 months after his divorce, threw out the collection of porn he had left behind because it was too heavy to ship; an outside expert, Dr. Victoria Hartmann, appraised the collection at $30,000.

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything about lawsuits and this one has me doing what I never do: waxing nostalgic. I’m wondering whether the parents will appeal. Maybe not; maybe they’ll simply consider this the price they must pay for how they raised him.

P.S. It was I, your faithful blogger, who pasted that link to Dr. Victoria Hartmann up there. Harper’s wisely decided not to touch her credentials with a ten-foot pole.

P.P.S. If you Google the good doctor, you can see her on another link, sort of in the flesh.



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