Lawsuit over seized pot and spoon

I was sure there was a plausible explanation following the Daily News headline, “Crackpot OWS suit.” I was sure, but well…

An Occupy Wall Street protester has cooked up a bizarre lawsuit after the NYPD seized her pot and wooden spoon.

Source: OWS protester files suit after NYPD seized cookware in 2011

I have pots and I have spoons. I love my pots and spoons. They are good pots and spoons. I cook, using those aforementioned utensils. I can’t imagine bringing any of them to a protest.

And now I’m going to waste some time considering what I would bring to a protest–if a protest was on my agenda, a protest that somehow involved making bangy noises in front of Mike Bloomberg’s townhouse.

Nah. I’m not going to waste any time on that.

And I can’t figure out how to tag this story, either.

Love the last paragraph: “A city Law Department spokeswoman said, ‘We are continuing to review the issues.'” I bet she can’t think of what kind of a lawsuit this is, either. (I wonder if she spoke with a straight face.)

P.S. I bet this gets dismissed for statute of limitations reasons, i.e., whatever this lawsuit thing is, Ms. Nelson filed it too late.

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