Lawsuit rule: anybody can sue anybody at any time. Even Sarah Palin

And all those anybodies can lose, especially a defamation lawsuit by an aggressively public figure who did indeed have campaign posters with targets marking electoral districts, even if not specifically over Gabby Giffords face. (Remember those posters? I certainly do.)

Given that it’s Palin, I’m guessing she’s suing to get attention. I mean, Trump didn’t nominate her for Secretary of State so she’s got to do something with her life, and this seems to be the something:

Source: Sarah Palin Sues New York Times, Claiming Editorial Defamed Her – The New York Times

P.P.S. (Petty Post Script) I’ve always been reluctant to mock people’s looks because, really, the looks have nothing to do with the character. Necessarily.

Still, Sarah Palin needs a chin suck, a/k/a lipo.

And have you noticed Republican congressmen tend to be chinless? So maybe if Palin has the fat sucked out of her double chins, she can donate that fat to Mitch McConnell. I see the two of them, lying next to each other in a plastic surgeon’s office, with the machine going SUCK SUCK SUCK…

UPDATE 6/29/2017. And look who’s going to represent Palin! Note to New York Law Journal abstract writer: you shouldn’t be elevating the late Gawker to the status of the flourishing New York Times by schmearing them together under the rubric “media businesses.” And “firebrand”? Uh, and the only reason Palin is “high-profile” is because she’s suing the New York Times. Unless you’re claiming Palin’s lawyer can produce a sex tape involving Bubba The Love Sponge Clem…

Lawyers for Hulk Hogan Now Piloting Palin’s Defamation Case Against the Times

Andrew Denney, New York Law Journal


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