Lawsuit trio: workplace sexual and racial harassment & one brutal divorce

On today’s Daily News pages 13 to 14, there were three lawsuits:

First, a disgusting sexual harassment one deriving from a Starbucks at Union Square: Starbucks barista sues bosses, says she was groped and harassed at work – NY Daily News.

Second (I also heard this on the radio), “Cop: Flood of bias sank job as diver.” That’s what the hard copy headline read. The complaint, brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, concerns a black NYPD scuba diver who was “forced to retire following years of racial harassment.” His name is Oscar Smith and he has a web site, probably because he “is also a celebrity fitness trainer who was has worked with models and athletes.”

UPDATE: I guess I really should read the New York Times before the Daily News but the Times isn’t as light and entertaining a read while I’m eating lunch. So I didn’t find this — A Former Police Diver Claims Other Officers Racially Taunted Him – — until last night. Obviously the Times, too, considers this a case worth reporting. Seems I look at the Daily News’s legal reporting as wild and crazy, and the Times’s as sober and serious. The Times gives the seal of approval to lawsuit reporting. (Apparently that’s the way I regard it.)

Then there’s the really nasty divorce. Just read the link and you’ll get an idea of how nasty: Man who used ex-wife’s abortion as evidence in custody battle wants child support repaid – NY Daily News. So this will be one of those pieces you’ll read thinking, “I’m so glad I’m not rich,” and/or “I’m so glad I’m not married to a banker.” (Are they all lousy people who deserve “Money meanie” headlines in the Daily News?)

UPDATE on March 8, 2014: Abortion mom ordered by judge to repay 50k in child support to wealthy banking big – NY Daily News. Must say, I was slightly shocked by this decision, until I saw that it was a Houston, Texas court that decided. Texas is a leading phalanx in the Global War Against Women. And this brings up another strong suggestion: ladies, don’t marry any men who hail from Texas.



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