Lawsuits against the filthy rich: Soros lawsuit takes an odd turn

From Barbara Ross at the Daily News, we get a weird item about the lawsuit George Soros’s eruptive ex-girlfriend filed against him, presumably for breach of contract:

Billionaire investor George Soros offered to give his ex-girlfriend $6.7 million to drop her lawsuit over a $1.9 million penthouse she says he promised her — but a settlement could not be reached.

The settlement offer was revealed in a hearing Tuesday in state Supreme Court when the former lawyer for Soros’ ex, soap star Adriana Ferreyr, said he was entitled to a legal fee of $2.25 million. That number represents William Beslow’s fee of 30%. 

The hearing, which was to determine his legal fee, was ultimately postponed.

Later, in the courthouse hallway, Beslow told reporters that Soros had actually offered Ferreyr $6.9 million. Beslow said the offer was rescinded. Soros’ lawyer, Howard Godnick, denied that figure. “There is no settlement,” he insisted.

Ferreyr accused Beslow of not doing “any work.” “I will be able to demonstrate the fair value of the work that I did,” said Beslow, sitting next to a file box of papers that he planned to enter as exhibits to prove his point.

Ferreyr sued Soros, claiming he inflicted emotional distress on her by breaking his promise to buy her the Upper East Side condo — instead giving it to his then-fiancée, Tamika Bolton.

So this segment of the, oh, let’s call it “explosive” lawsuit isn’t so much about Soros, as it is about his ex, who has fired her high-powered lawyer who is asking for payment for his representation of her.

Slightly confusing but adding some herbs to the stewpot.

And gee, although Soros’s lawyer says there was no settlement, his carefully worded statement does not necessarily deny that there was an offer. And if the ex was offered that much money, my personal opinion is: she should have taken it.

(Trying to peer behind lawsuit stories and make interpretations is more fun than the stories themselves.)



Billionaire George Soros offered ex $6.9 million to drop lawsuit over penthouse, lawyer says – NY Daily News.

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