Lawsuits of the Falsely Pious

Announcing a new category! Though “falsely” is probably not the accurate word. What I’m going for is hypocrisy, or even split personality.

And here’s a case, from yesterday’s Daily News, that’s a perfect kick-off for this category of lawsuit that involves purportedly pious people who may promote themselves as godly but who, after published allegations in a lawsuit, won’t be viewed by the rest of us as moral and law-abiding.

This complaint involves an Orthodox Jew who “leads a double-life as a pot-smoking, hooker-happy, casino high roller, according to a lawsuit.” He’s being sued by a guy named Mandel Cohen, who once worked for Faivish Pewzer (the aforementioned “pot-smoking,” et cetera et cetera”), for sexual harassment and abuse.

Cohen’s suit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, is filled with sordid allegations that stand in stark contrast to Pewzner’s public reputation as a charitable pillar of the Jewish community.

Of course you’ll want to know more of those “sordid allegations,” so here’s the article, written by John Marzulli: Americare boss loved hookers, drugs and gambling, according to ex-employee’s suit – NY Daily News.

And if you’re really, um, enterprising, go into the federal court database for the Eastern District of New York, plug in the plaintiff’s and defendant’s names and you can read the whole lawsuit. But remember: a lawsuit is a statement of allegation, not fact. It must be proven.

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