Lawsuits of the Filthy Rich: Huguette Clark

Yesterday’s New York Times returned to the bizarre Huguette Clark story, the very rich reclusive woman who lived the last decades of her life in a lavish suite at Beth Israel Hospital.

Big questions have arisen about how the hospital got Ms. Clark to hand over more than $4 million in donations, “not counting millions more she paid just to live there and a $1 million bequest in her final, contested will, according to court papers.”

It is not a pretty picture. And worse, it’s a picture of what happens around the decaying bodies of very rich people. That is, they are surrounded by vultures. Ugly.

The New York Times did something more extraordinary yesterday: on the Times web site, it provided a link to actual documents that are part of the discovery in this case. The link is called: Online: Clark Case Papers. A selection of Beth Israel Medical Center’s internal e-mails and memorandums about Huguette Clark.

There’s the link above, for everyone who’s as much of a lawsuit nerd as I am. See what actual discovery can look like.


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