Lawsuits of the filthy rich: “nightmare vacation”

Yeah, well, you might not have a heap of sympathy for this guy, Peter Sisitsky. (Although his monetary demand is pretty modest, let’s give him credit for that.)

New York man sues for $100K over alleged nightmare vacation – NY Daily News.

Here’s the headline. Depending on your own vacation experiences renting presidential beach houses, you may or may not wish to read further:

‘These people are the clients from hell!’: Vacation rental company sued for $100,000 by Westchester man over Mexican presidential beach house

Oh, and one more paragraph because I like the Daily News’s “villa of the damned.” It’s tabloid hyperbole, but cute tabloid hyperbole:

A Westchester man paid big bucks to rent a former presidential beach house in Mexico that turned out to be a villa of the damned, court papers say.

Oh, and another paragraph so you can get a mental picture of the villa:

The “all-inclusive” rental of Villa Vista Magica was advertised as coming with servants, food, massages, horseback rides, servants, 24-hour security, child care and other high-end amenities, in addition to the 11 air-conditioned luxury bedrooms, the suit says.

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