Lawsuits of the (I’m pretending to be)Filthy Rich…and Joan Rivers

“‘I’m young. She’s old. I’m pretty. She’s ugly’: Condo cutie bares claws in legal war vs. Rivers.”

That’s the hard copy headline in the Daily News, and it satisfies my occasional sweet tooth for juicy scandal. I guarantee it’ll satisfy you, too: Joan Rivers condo catfight’s blond claws: ‘I’m young, she’s old, I’m beautiful, she’s ugly’ – NY Daily News.

See, what it’s about is … never mind. Take a look at the actual article which offers somewhat revealing pics of Elizabeth Hazan, the, well, I don’t know what she is but because of her, Joan Rivers and her condo are being sued. And are probably suing back, because Hazan owes the condo a lot of money.

And it’s not only the condo she owes money to. A follow-up story suggests that she’s a con lady. As the first story says, “Hazan declined to discuss what she does for a living but said, ‘I’m all over the country.'”

As I told you, it’s fun.

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