Lawsuits of the teeny-tiny: “Alimony for Your Eggs”

Start thinking about this, you folk who are looking at divorce. You female folk who are looking at divorce, that is.

You might want to write protection for your eggs into your divorce settlement:

All of a sudden, fertility has been assigned a value. If the point of a divorce settlement is to take inventory of a couple’s joint life and divide the assets, then that commodity belongs on the negotiating table — alongside vacation time-shares and projected earnings from his and her M.B.A.’s.

So writes Sarah Elizabeth Richards, as an opinion in the New York Times. She is — no surprise here — the author of a book on the subject. That is, she is pitching her woo in the Times.

(I’m posting this on the same day I talked about the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch settlements for gender and race discrimination. Hm.)

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