Lawyer exercised and sues (but isn’t that what lawyers do?)

Although I read this in the Daily News yesterday (“Bootyvicious drill for this guy”), I got the clip from the Daily Mail: Neil J Squillante: Beyoncé¿s ‘secret weapon’ causes ‘permanent damage’ to lawyer now suing New York gym | Mail Online.

A lawyer joins the exclusive gym, Focus Integrated Fitness (Beyoncé is a client), gets a personal trainer, works out doing Beyoncé’s signature pelvis thrust and now can’t sit down due to the pain. So he sues.

What’s the lesson here for all of us? And doesn’t it seem that there have been an unusual  number of gym-related lawsuits lately? Maybe we all should stay away from gyms for a while, until the burns subsides. And forget about those pelvic thrusts.


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