Lawyers must consult client before making deal

Adrian Arrington, the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against the N.C.A.A., said his lawyers had agreed to the deal without his knowledge.

Source New York Times: Former Player Opposes Settlement in N.C.A.A. Concussion Suit

CHICAGO — A proposed settlement in a class-action concussion lawsuit against the N.C.A.A. may have been dealt a blow on Tuesday when the lead plaintiff in the case said he opposed the deal.

In a statement released through the National College Players Association, an advocacy group for college athletes, the plaintiff, Adrian Arrington, called the settlement “completely unacceptable” and said that his lawyers agreed to the deal without his knowledge.

“The first time I learned about it was in the media,” Arrington said. “I feel that I have been misinformed and the preliminary settlement doesn’t address the reasons I filed the lawsuit in the first place.”

A big no-no.

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