Lawyers who play music

Many doctors I know are accomplished amateur musicians. Music and medicine seem to have an emotional link.

A number of lawyers I have known also make music. Three lawyers of my acquaintance sing in choruses. Another lawyer friend played cello for chamber music groups in his home town of Helena, Montana.

And a lawyer I just met is part of a rock group.

Now my L.A. friend, Susan, sent me this article about Los Angeles lawyers who have formed their own philharmonic (L.A. Lawyers Philharmonic and Legal Voices) and a few ancillary groups. Such as Gary S. Greene, Esq. and his Big Band of Barristers.

The photos look great. If I didn’t know the orchestra consisted entirely of lawyers in tuxedos and black gowns, I’d think this was maybe the N.Y. Philharmonic.

They will be performing be at Walt Disney Concert Hall later this month. If you live in or around L.A., go, and send me your review.

Bravi and brave!


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