“Let there be light: and there was[n’t] light”?

I read what follows from 538 Significant Digits first in the Times, I believe, and thought, “WHAT???”

A big piece of an entire continent went dark. How did this happen? Or, who did it? It’s some story.

Tens of millions of people

Tens of millions of people in Argentina and Uruguay were without power yesterday in “an unexplained failure in the neighboring countries’ interconnected power grid” that also affected Chile, Brazil and Paraguay. The outage happened as many in Argentina were heading to the polls to vote in gubernatorial elections. Voters there reportedly cast ballots by the light of their cell phones. [CBS News]

Speaking of this, I always think of the oratorio, The Creation, whenever I think of the biblical line, “And there was light.” Credit for the spectacular music: Haydn. Credit for the ethereal language: William Tyndale.

Credit for the South American blackout…?

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