Let’s go to India with Donald Trump!

Not sure about you but I no longer read news articles about Trump and what’s he’s been doing, because after these three years, I realize he isn’t really doing anything. When he’s not golfing or swatting but shooting blanks at people and institutions which are standing fast.

So, I’m figuring this, from Harper’s Weekly Review, pretty well describes Trump’s latest travel venture. In other words, it’s all you need to know.

Trump made his first official visit to India, where ahead of his arrival a brick wall was constructed to conceal a slum, and police armed with locally produced slingshots were deployed to prevent Trump from being attacked by monkeys at the Taj Mahal. Trump addressed a crowd of 100,000 in Ahmedabad, where he was introduced to the tune of the Village People’s “Macho Man.” Trump gave a speech in which he mispronounced the names of top Indian cricket stars, an Indian philosopher, and the city in which he was speaking, and called the Vedas “Vestas.”

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