Let’s go to the lovely land of voter suppression

Via Kevin Underhill in his Lowering the Bar.

I’ve been loosely (that means via Twitter*) following what’s been going on in the ACLU v. Kansas and Kris Kobach (Kansas’s and Trump’s czar of “voter fraud”) trial.

Here’s Kevin’s compact summary. The best.

If you’re a lawyer, you’d hope never to see this headline: “Federal judge to [your last name]: ‘That’s not how trials are conducted.’” But if you are Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, you have seen many such headlines recently, if you are still reading news. Because you decided to personally represent the state when it got sued by the ACLU over your BS “voter fraud” law, and you are handling the trial, even though you plainly have no clue at all how to do that. Bonus points: the judge has also used the phrase “Evidence 101” when speaking to you.

UPDATE, re Twitter, where I just found this courtroom tidbit posted by the ACLU (you’ll laugh, if bitterly):

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This from Kobach’s expert witness in on voter fraud:

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  1. Deb Fei says:

    Yeah. Problem is there is no downside to making a public ass of yourself, and letting the whole world see your ignorance and stupidity in trumpland.

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