Let’s talk about lawns

I don’t have one. We’ve got a lot of plants around this building but no grass.

But I’m not one of those people who sees a New York Time video with two titles: “Kill Your Lawn Before Your Lawn Kills You,” and the gentler, “How To Fall Out of Love With Your Lawn,” and says to herself, “What do I care? I don’t have a lawn.”

The video is quite entertaining but alongside the pleasant wit is a serious lesson. And, there are plenty of houses and lawns and lawn features to look at as you learn how much damage lawns are doing to our water supply and our health (the stuff you spray or sprinkle on your lawn is not good for human beings).

So, friends and relations, if you have a lawn, please watch this video. You’ll see lovely ways of filling your acreage without grass, which should make you feel like the good citizens I know you are.

It’d be an excellent way of celebrating the new earth-saving law passed only by Democrats. And you’ll get to embarrass your GOP neighbors as they water their grass and fuss over brown spots.

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