Life in this pandemic: minutiae and postponements

On my kitchen counter stands a very clean spice jar labeled “Cumin.” It is not for cumin, though. I have other jars filled with cumin. This jar is for harissa. It is empty because I finished my harissa supply months ago and the jar stands on my counter to remind me I need to make more harissa.

Yeah, well. I am not sure when the harissa is going to happen. It doesn’t seem to be interested in making itself.

Here’s how you make harissa:

Blend or pound together 1 roasted red bell pepper; 2 garlic cloves; 2 tsps sweet paprika; 1/2 tsp cumin; 1/2 tsp caraway seeds; a bit of cayenne; salt. Then mix in 1/2 cup olive oil. This produces a paste called harissa.

I have all the ingredients in my kitchen, except for the red pepper, which I can purchase when I go out to buy salad greens. I’ve needed salad greens for a few days but have postponed getting them. I have other vegetables to eat, although I’m out of tomatoes and am down to one half a cuke.

I need ballpoint pens — well, “need” is a qualified dynamic; I do have two pens remaining — but have postponed going over to our little stationary-cum-absolutely-everything-you-ever-need shop every day over the past few weeks. I think I’ll get them today since I do have to pick up an Rx at my pharmacy. Can’t postpone that since I’m down to nothing there.

My brother introduced me to Olive and Mabel and I sat here, at my computer, for an hour or so yesterday watching them and screeching in rapture. Their owner/Daddy/staffperson, Scottish sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter, is a dry comic genius.

Today my brother-in-law posted a video showing he’s training their two dogs — Olive and MabelĀ  named Layla (black) and Bodhi (white). He is wearing marvelously absurd red-white-and-blue shorts, I don’t know why. The pups are wearing their own fur. My brother-in-law is a dry comic genius. Maybe a YouTube series is in the offing?

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