Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against someone named Pitbull?

Via John Marzulli of the Daily News, this little tidbit about a Lindsay Lohan lawsuit has a selection of puns:

LiLo suit’s just a load of Pitbull

A federal judge put a leash on Lindsay Lohan’s bid to sue rapper Pitbull for the unauthorized use of her name in a song—and fined the actress’ attorney for cut-and-paste lawyering.

LiLo had alleged the rapper profited from rhyming off her famous name, but federal Judge Denis Hurley ruled Thursday that its use was merely incidental in the 2011 song “Give Me Everything.”

Hurley blasted Lohan’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, who quit the case after the opposing attorneys detailed numerous passages in her legal papers that had been copied from arguments on legal websites.

The judge acknowledged the $1,500 fine for plagiarism was modest, but that it “accounted for the negative impact on Ovadia’s reputation and livelihood that will inevitably arise from her involvement.”

What I want to know is, were the defendant’s lawyers spending hours searching the internet for ripped-off passages? And what caused them to do it in the first place? Like, were they looking for passages to use in their answer?

I, for one, am suspicious … or did the dog drag me off the path?

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