“Louisiana Threatens To Sue MoveOn Over Billboard”

OK, normally I do not report on threatened or filed lawsuits by big things like states against big other things like progressive political organizations.

But this one — from DailyKos — is too wonderful not to post: Louisiana Threatens To Sue MoveOn Over Billboard.

Thing is, doesn’t this come down (or up, in this case: billboards are up there) to our First Amendment right to, say, buy a billboard and express our opinion in public? Louisiana seems to be suggesting that MoveOn is guilty of libel. Or guilty of trashing their label. (It’s possible whoever in Louisiana government thought this one up can’t spell. É-toile!)

I’m thinking this garbage threat is the other (dark?) side of the damnable Citizens United decision: if corporations are permitted to express themselves unlimitedly and with unlimited bucks about politicians and politics, don’t progressive non-profits have the right to buy (that’s the money part) billboards to criticize state politics?

Or is it just corporations and red states that have the right to spend unlimited monies?

(I just sighed big right there but since you’re not sitting here with me, you weren’t able to hear it.)

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