“Lululemon pants suit may be dropped”

That Daily News! They must have one or two people sitting in the newsroom with a sign over their carrels reading, “Pun Department.” “Pants suit…”!

I bow my head in worship. The story (which boggles my plaintiff’s mind, but then I would never (a) buy specifically designed “yoga pants,” given that you wear anything stretchy for yoga and ( b) invest in a company that makes gear I would never buy or (c) sue a company for advertising its product unless it’s selling something dangerous and are see-through yoga pants dangerous?) is in the On The Money business column:

A judge has said a lawsuit charging yogawear maker Lululemon was less than transparent regarding its see-through pants scandal should be tossed out.

Investors accused Lululemon of failing to disclose how its black Luon yoga pants were too sheer and of falsely touting its quality control.

The judge said statements made by the company, its former CEO and founder Dennis (Chip) Wilson touting the superior quality of Lululemon’s products were “puffery,” and neither intended to mislead nor untrue when they were made.

UPDATE 4/19/2014. And so it was written and so it was done: Lululemon Officials Won’t Face Fraud Charges – NYTimes.com.

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