Macy’s and JCP fighting over Martha Stewart

I don’t know why. Really, I’ve tried to understand (and I’ve avoided posting anything about this lawsuit) but I have failed.

I do shop occasionally at Macy’s which sells an ample collection of Fiestaware, made in America and guaranteed made without lead; I do not shop even occasionally at JC Penny.

I don’t get Martha Stewart. The only time she and I crossed paths was when she accepted an insider tip and sold ImClone while I, so distinctly a non-insider, held on to the stock.

Martha went to jail. I bought at 14 and sold around 60.

That’s about it for Martha and me.

Still, as a not-very-intrepid writer about law and lawsuits, I guess I really have to mention this. Once: Martha Stewart’s staffers design for Macy’s AND JCP: suit – NY Daily News.

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