Man named “God” has problems with credit-rating company

A lawyer friend sent me this story. My only reluctance in posting it? It’s from the New York Post. Nevertheless, it’s too good an item not to show you.

A man whose authentic first name is God (he’s a Russian) Gazarov is having trouble with one of the three big credit-rating companies because of that name. The pisser is, this God is well educated, a good businessman and his credit rating is extremely high. But not to Equifax.

This should give all of us an uncomfortable squirm over the weird bureaucracy of scarily powerful credit-rating companies, and how impossible it can be to challenge them, even when they are flat-out wrong.

There. I’ve done it. And if I’m very lucky I will never have to refer to this Murdoch-owned rag again.

UPDATE 4/12/2014. This morning, CBS news radio broadcast an item about this case and I heard Mr. Gazarov, who sounds like a particularly rational man, especially given his circumstances. And he is suing Equifax. His lawyer is James Fishman.

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