Man sues for being fired? Pornography and Christianity come into this

From today’s Daily News, via Barbara Ross:

Suit: XXX gripes, faith got him fired

A Brooklyn man offended by fellow employees watching pornography at work has sued his former employer, Time Warner Entertainment, after the company fired him earlier this year.

Keith Reid … charges in a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that his supervisors discriminated against him because of his religion for canning him after he objected several times to his co-workers’ behavior.

Time Warner spokesman Eric Mangan said the company would not comment.

In the lawsuit, Reid said he had a good work record in the maintenance department at Time Warner’s Fifth Ave. operation in Brooklyn from 2002 until February 2011, when he complained about a construction supervisor watching porn.

Reid told a human resources official it offended him because he is a Christian. He says he was suspended after his third complaint and later fired.

So many questions here. First, were people actually watching porn while on the job at Time Warner, or is that an allegation that cropped up ex post facto to give Reid a reason to sue? And remember, this is Time Warner Entertainment; they do air porn on certain pay-per-view adult stations.

Personally, even if his co-workers were watching porn (and who defines “porn,” anyway? Maybe they were watching Burn Notice, and Reid doesn’t like the way Gabrielle Anwar is costumed), I object to the idea that Reid’s Savonarolan version of Christianity can be used as a cudgel to beat down those damn porn people, may they all rot in hell. I mean, he didn’t have to watch them watching porn, did he? Did they strap him into a chair and make him watch porn?

All of this follows the key question: is this guy just a hyper-religious nut whose case will be dismissed?

Of course, the legal issue is: was Reid, Christian pain in the ass or not, wrongfully fired? We’ll have to keep our eyes on this case.


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