Marinate in brine overnight…or for a couple of months

Book brine-ing, not banning!

From Publishers Marketplace:

Two Cookbooks Fall Into the Ocean, Delaying Pub Dates

In an unexpected turn of events in the supply chain challenges, publication dates for two Penguin Random House cookbooks have been postponed, after the books were literally lost at sea.

TURKEY AND THE WOLF by Mason Hereford, scheduled to come out on February 15, will now publish on June 21. DINNER IN ONE by Melissa Clark will come out on September 6, instead of in March as planned.

The cargo ship carrying the books from China was on a slow course in the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal, likely to delay docking in the US due to port congestion. A storm hit the ship in early January and caused a “stack collapse” in which 65 containers went overboard–seemingly containing every copy of the two books–while 89 others were damaged.

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