Martin Shkreli in one (bitterly) funny bullet list

From Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar, a bullet list that brings me up to date (I hadn’t even begun dating this) with what’s going on in the Martin Shkreli, The (Allegedly) Most Reviled Man in America, trial. (I was just going to publish this when I realized…”The [Allegedly] Most Reviled Man in America”? Uh, well maybe not. But Shkreli is the second most reviled…well, maybe not. Pick a number, stick him in, he’ll fit somewhere.)

The one thing I had noticed was The Smirk as displayed in all newspaper photos of Shkreli, and I was figuring Shkreli’s lawyers were in deep all-night debates about What To Do With That Smirk. I.e., how to explain it to the jury.

Neatest thing about Kevin’s post here is that it compacts the entire thing into this–and brings me astounding info about the Wu-Tang Clan. I know nothing about the Wu-Tang Clan except it’s name. Whatever it is. Which is, I suspect, a group with some musical genre connections.

A Few Signs That Martin Shkreli Might Be In Some Trouble

Jun 29, 2017 09:32 am | Kevin

  • And that was his own lawyer

More to come, most likely.

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