Maybe it wasn’t Ivanka. Maybe it was Melania

At dinner the other night with a group of friends, quite naturally we got talking about the indictment. I said my fave paragraph was the one citing a family member, a “she”, as complaining about the boxes of secret documents which were going to be surreptitiously stashed on the plane taking the family to New Jersey.

“We can’t take boxes! The plane is already full with our luggage!” is sort of what “she” said.

“Ivanka!” I said to the table at large.

Everyone else figured it was Melania, with her massive wardrobe. Nobody had looked at the passenger list but everyone was pretty sure Ivanka, et her al. weren’t going on that plane. But Melania was.

I expressed my view that Melania didn’t seem to have the chutzpah to object to Trump’s boxes, in a kvetch which made itself public in an indictment.

Still, though, the more I think about it, the more it seems it was Melania.

As time passes, I will continue to admit when I might be wrong. I won’t, however, apologize to Ivanka.


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