Meanwhile, if anybody from MAGA or elsewhere is looking for a new cult, I found one for you

The MAGA protesters outside the Miami courthouse looked fairly pitiful, in numbers and in actions. I got the feeling some of them have been deflated down to the ground. Where was the weaponry, f’instance? Did you see how many of them stayed behind a mere triangle of fencing? Cowered behind the fencing?

So aren’t you all glad that Harper’s Weekly Review found a new cult for limp MAGAs?:

“We’re a dictatorship most of the time,” said the leader of Slowjamastan, a micronation in the California desert that bans Crocs, mumble rap, and “people who put their feet on the dashboard.”

It’s what most people are crying out for: a dictatorship with a sense of humor. At least, I found a sense of humor but maybe I’m wrong. From my POV it doesn’t matter since I’m not joining a cult.

Gee, they have hats, too!


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