Meet a good guy who’s thinking about running for office

Among my regular reads is DailyKos’s daily election news. If you want to know what’s really going on around the country, you’ll do well to read it.

DailyKos is unashamedly left-liberal but its election news staff must and does deal with the facts of life in upcoming elections all over the country. They are granular (a term now being used by people I admire so hey I’ll use it, too), giving you news about all the many  rungs of electoral positions in every state around the country, and they do it with charm, wit and a firm grasp of political reality.

So, if you like, you can learn who’s thinking about running for a City Council seat in a city you didn’t even know had a City Council. Or you didn’t even know was a city. And you’ll also learn who might be challenging that person. (You’ll also learn–and will have to swallow–how much money politicians have in their war chests, and how much they’ve been spending on, say, TV ads.)

Today I was really delighted to read what follows about a Democrat named John Morgan who is considering a run for governor of Florida–a state that, in my opinion, is desperate for a good governor.

In quoting John Morgan’s thinking about whether he will run, DailyKos offers what I feel is the noble consideration for anybody considering running for political office.

Have a read:

FL-Gov: Uber-wealthy trial lawyer John Morgan, a major donor to liberal causes, has been flirting with a run for governor for a while, and it seems like he’ll be flirting for a while longer: Morgan recently told Politico that he’ll announce his plans in the spring … of 2018. Morgan says he’s not incredibly impressed with the current Democratic field, saying that “I look around and I think, ‘Who can make the best case for the forgotten?’ And I think it’s me. That is what keeps pulling at me,” though he added, “But what I worry about is how much of that could be my own ego? Those are the two forces that I fight. How much is this about me and how much is about them.”

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