Meet the Nunchuck, lawsuit winner

I do not find it affable of 538 Significant Digits to point out the nunchuck is a weapon of one of the ninja turtles (sneer sneer), since I know nothing of ninja turtles. Or ninjas.

(I do know about the turtles in Central Park but I don’t think they would characterize themselves as ninjas anyway, since it’s winter and they’re hibernating, and not going in for any self-characterizations at the moment.)


15 years of litigation

After 15 years of litigation, a federal judge struck down New York’s state ban on nunchucks — that’s Michelangelo’s weapon, for you Ninja Turtle fans — ruling that they were protected by the Second Amendment. The suit was brought by James Maloney, a lawyer and amateur martial artist who was arrested in 2000 for possessing nunchucks. [The Washington Post]

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