Meet The Twittler’s Treasury pick!

I didn’t plan to post an entire day of grouch, but there it is. When I can’t find anything cheery–and can’t juice bad stuff up with sarcasm–we have a day without sunshine:

When Steven Mnuchin ran OneWest, the bank aggressively and in some cases, wrongly, foreclosed on elderly homeowners with reverse mortgages. The bank had a disproportionate share of such foreclosures.

Source: Trump’s Treasury Pick Excelled at Kicking Elderly People Out of Their Homes – ProPublica

The Twittler Deplorables come to DC. Unless the Senate sends them home. And they have homes, unlike the people Mnuchin kicked out.

Maybe the way to look at The Twittler and his Deplorables is…Dickens! We are entering a long Charles Dickens novel.

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